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Yoko Littner by ParenthesisX

It's sweet to see your approach to cosplay again~ Working the character's trademark hair and costume (both texture & design) well is im...

W.O.R.T.H by ParenthesisX

This piece, using sequential fragmentary captures gets the right balance b/w concise content & leaving the rest to viewer's imagination...

Through The Universe by LeCleurCircus

Realizing anything related to cosmos in serious light is a hard task, but this accomplishes such & is even more impressive that it's do...

Acto XIV - Futureless by Choco-menta

Extremely touching; you incorporate emotions based off "family" portrait pictures but through a different lens, more tender and subtle....




Cosmic Pariahs by Yasuki-Konno
Cosmic Pariahs
As these two have grasp of technology & a stylish yet meaningfully arranged code of expression, I went really all out here and I was even surprised myself here at the result (really love how Yana's new hair & perkily coded sailor-fuku uniform came out here :heart:, also never thought I'd draw planets). Here goes the backstory:

長忠鏻 & Yana never knew each other in person and lived on the opposite sides of our Milky Way galaxy. The only time they "met" together was in a shared "dreamland" of unknown yet familiar origin. It was through times of sleep which brought them together, and as a duo they explored and tried to solve mysteries of their surrounding evnironment & many scientific equations the ruins hinted, all the while going about their separate daily lives when awake, but with more motivation & hope. Unfortunately, just when they finally started to understand wholly what the dreamland was trying to reveal to them, the following day in the waking world the two were both murdered brutally by their jealous peers, their first death...

A player punch of a past story these two have, but given the word "first" shows that they will find a way to get back in life. And the backdrop of a planetary war... foreshadowing or expressive fancy of ambition on their part?

Other art of Yana-chan: [here]
5 Lords of the Diamond by Yasuki-Konno
5 Lords of the Diamond
 The Brand Synthesizers ( 加樂 in Kanji. I really need to find a better name for this breed of gifted individuals as this sounds too much of a 80s power-pop tribute band name XD) are not defined by a certain gender or race but rather the talent & power to materialize matter to enhance themselves. Out of them, five Japanese girls with the most creativity and power range ended up being their leaders, each with their own hold of a select of shires or prefectures alongside some outward influential voice of their own choice of country, kind of like a quintuple alliance...

End Spoiler here...

These characters were constantly in change as I was definitely not sure how to individualize them without resorting to limiting each to a specific mode, but in the end I settled for a "patchwork mix" of Gyaru/Scene & assorted elements piecemeal for all these lords, haphazardly casual yet with that Alternative edge subtly hidden in the overall design's DNA. Especially proud of the two with the tank-top singlets mixed into their ensembles... :heart: Also I attempted a "organic, Asian-scroll paper" feel with texture & their name stamps.

Other arts of Golden Wing are [here] & [here]
Other arts of Yui (the one with the sword) are [here] & [here]
No Strings... Yet by Yasuki-Konno
No Strings... Yet
While I still need to smoothen their characterization, most of their qualities & design I got down pat. I still don't have their real names finalized but their "main" noms de guerres they go by are 成華 & 業紫. They are not mere musicians or J/K-Culture fans, they are also skilled engineers & personalities with strong supporting bases although they will have to fight like hell to gain it. Their actions & desires help bloom the main catalysts of events & changes that happen in my story. Their rise begins years after Karma & some crimson screw-headed Witchblade wannabe had committed their heroic sacrifices after the end of Anno Domini.

The two are avid dressholics so expect any art of them to be in various styling designs! Also in this case I decided to not add strings to their instruments to showcase the transparent body & fretboards.
Singularity Mix by Yasuki-Konno
Singularity Mix
Yana was always considered "too special". Be it mechanical engineering skills or having a laid-back yet intricately coded fashion sensibility, she always excelled and fully enjoyed what she did.

But this made her the bane of the Zapharhonian Community (read: clique of the same field & arts) and they conspired with their own kind to kill her in ambush. When this failed and only resulted in a "first" death, Yana and this Community came to an agreement that she would instead erase her identification and leave the planet altogether. Thus, she became the first humanoid & Diva to enter both the Osirian/Dorkmawaurask KyouryokuShisetsu Hyperdrive Warp Station and be its first shot (rather than object transport the Station is originally used for space warp-range aimed firepower)... she found herself nearby a abandoned Bernal complex loaded with various resources and matter, settled in and started exploring...

Forgive me for such a silly sounding description, but science fantasy-babble aside this OC is not wholly human and does have a complicated backstory in progress which is reflected in the chaotic elements of this piece, both abstract and material.

Minigame: There are 13 forces in beast form within this artwork. No they are not random. Guess which and where they are? =D
  • Listening to: The GazettE- DogmA (esp. Deux, Blemish, & Dawn)
  • Drinking: liters of tea

No Features this entry... I rarely had the time to even surf the Net.

Recently my time has been the busiest both workwise and offline; not limited to abrupt moving of office yet again, a abrupt burst of all-nighter work and personal issues, hence my huge lack of activity here. Everything is firing at me from all cylinders and sides of the compass, the burden is near murder for me right now. Lastly I did not have Internet available for a few months.

...But it's not all bad news. Fortunately I found some large paper sheets which I can hopefully vent, continue to develop OCs and practice drawing larger scale stuff. Also I tend to still find a modicum of time after work to checking :devart: time to time even via smartphone. Its the sheer creativity here that helps me maintain my focus and optimism even through all this bustle. Only downside is that the printer press I frequently visited closed shop a few weeks ago sadly to say...

I do have a lot of ideas & thoughts (for various deviations that I tend to keep checking back and learning) set in my mind but I can't jinx it by guaranteeing set dates or promises. But it's defintely there and I really hope to eventually be more active again creative-wise here as I won't have it any other way. :star:

Sincere apologies once again that my current art-state is that of a dry spell. Hopefully this drought will soon end, not to worry.

Thanks and Regards,






Updated @ 2014.12.20 Afternoon:

A very nasty scenario has come true: After some needed time offline, I came back now, only to find that my Internet for some strange reason has stopped reading ANY site save for Google itself, not to mention letting me log in to anything. (I still can enjoy this site outside, but somehow Logging In results in "IE Cannot Display WebPage" error. Facebook, YouTube & Instagram it's this error from the start) I'm currently borrowing a friend's PC at the moment for this update.

I dunno what the cause(s) is, but I hope my case is not the only exception which has no solution (but to format my PC, that is). ㅠ.ㅠ I will try get my PC fixed once I'm done with this winter's share of work. My apologies yet again...

Updated @ 2015.9.20 Afternoon:
Currently listening to the GazettE's DogmA :cd: after all the busy rustles of Office Concertos for keyboards & Xerox 

Busy as ever, but thankfully my mind is clear of stress and I have weekends off which gives me time to continue working on my OC & their universes piecemeal. Still that means no "free-time" for going out, games or movies, but with my currently bought soundtrack as inspiration, the fact that I can instead save my earnings & have weekends to spend time with my family members is thankful enough! :star:


CityBent Pilgrim
I love creating original characters and concepts alongside fanart.
Despite loving colours, I am more used to technical detail/design and monochrome so I focus mainly on lineart. Never underestimate the dual power of line and imagination though!

Thank you very much, and hope you enjoy...




Favourite genre of music: Alternating b/w Metal Music and AsianPop/Rock
Favourite photographer: Kirawinter, ParenthesisX, LittleFlair, and many others... :star:
Operating System: Windows, of course.
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: None
Skin of choice: Healthy, Smooth and Reflective

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