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Yoko Littner by ParenthesisX

It's sweet to see your approach to cosplay again~ Working the character's trademark hair and costume (both texture & design) well is im...

W.O.R.T.H by ParenthesisX

This piece, using sequential fragmentary captures gets the right balance b/w concise content & leaving the rest to viewer's imagination...

Through The Universe by LeCleurCircus

Realizing anything related to cosmos in serious light is a hard task, but this accomplishes such & is even more impressive that it's do...

Acto XIV - Futureless by Choco-menta

Extremely touching; you incorporate emotions based off "family" portrait pictures but through a different lens, more tender and subtle....




Happy Lunar New Year of the fiery monkey!
Many apologies for the sudden drop of activity; personal issues, upcoming employee performance evaluation and out of order laptop are taking a toll on me (I'm writing this at Net Cafe as of this moment). Still I hope to return and be productive next year.
Take care and stay creatively strong everyone...
Wholesome Medley by Yasuki-Konno
Wholesome Medley

More of inset paper OC artwork. "Opposing Extremes Couple" 結以 & 魂業, really loved how 結以's transparent-sleeved raglan jacket and her overall curves came out here~ :heart:

Other arts of them: [Sisterhood.Life.Story] </a> and [A Modicum of Tranquillity] </a>



Arise's Duality by Yasuki-Konno
Arise's Duality

One studybook had red insets, which was PERFECT for Fukanami-chan. I decided to express both sides of main Alternative foundations, Punk and Goth, while the Punk (or Basic Casual) side came out exactly how I realized it, the Goth side... erm... not so much.

Fukanami in main attire is [here]



Gilt Goddess by Yasuki-Konno
Gilt Goddess

Long Time No See art!

I really wanted to continue working more on my art-style busy packed work notwithstanding, fortunately there were some blank color inset pages from a language studybook which I thought would be suitable for some character sketch. I decided to cut some of those out and started exploring my OCs with it.

This is a new OC still in development, this lady is candidate to be the one who wields & preserves the "pure" side of Synthetic Brand instead of Fujihara when most of the Synthesizers are lost or dead... this is giving away too much. Will elaborate & put further backstory in the future...




まだ具象中の新しいOC。。。深波とブランド取り扱う人々が全滅の後に出現の不思議の乙女。。。。。。。。。。やれやれ~ネタを漏洩しまった!今はここまで。。。 (36計を走る

  • Listening to: The GazettE- DogmA (esp. Deux, Blemish, & Dawn)
  • Drinking: liters of tea

No Features this entry... I rarely had the time to even surf the Net.

Recently my time has been the busiest both workwise and offline; not limited to abrupt moving of office yet again, a abrupt burst of all-nighter work and personal issues, hence my huge lack of activity here. Everything is firing at me from all cylinders and sides of the compass, the burden is near murder for me right now. Lastly I did not have Internet available for a few months.

...But it's not all bad news. Fortunately I found some large paper sheets which I can hopefully vent, continue to develop OCs and practice drawing larger scale stuff. Also I tend to still find a modicum of time after work to checking :devart: time to time even via smartphone. Its the sheer creativity here that helps me maintain my focus and optimism even through all this bustle. Only downside is that the printer press I frequently visited closed shop a few weeks ago sadly to say...

I do have a lot of ideas & thoughts (for various deviations that I tend to keep checking back and learning) set in my mind but I can't jinx it by guaranteeing set dates or promises. But it's defintely there and I really hope to eventually be more active again creative-wise here as I won't have it any other way. :star:

Sincere apologies once again that my current art-state is that of a dry spell. Hopefully this drought will soon end, not to worry.

Thanks and Regards,






Updated @ 2014.12.20 Afternoon:

A very nasty scenario has come true: After some needed time offline, I came back now, only to find that my Internet for some strange reason has stopped reading ANY site save for Google itself, not to mention letting me log in to anything. (I still can enjoy this site outside, but somehow Logging In results in "IE Cannot Display WebPage" error. Facebook, YouTube & Instagram it's this error from the start) I'm currently borrowing a friend's PC at the moment for this update.

I dunno what the cause(s) is, but I hope my case is not the only exception which has no solution (but to format my PC, that is). ㅠ.ㅠ I will try get my PC fixed once I'm done with this winter's share of work. My apologies yet again...

Updated @ 2015.9.20 Afternoon:
Currently listening to the GazettE's DogmA :cd: after all the busy rustles of Office Concertos for keyboards & Xerox 

Busy as ever, but thankfully my mind is clear of stress and I have weekends off which gives me time to continue working on my OC & their universes piecemeal. Still that means no "free-time" for going out, games or movies, but with my currently bought soundtrack as inspiration, the fact that I can instead save my earnings & have weekends to spend time with my family members is thankful enough! :star:


CityBent Pilgrim
I love creating original characters and concepts alongside fanart.
Despite loving colours, I am more used to technical detail/design and monochrome so I focus mainly on lineart. Never underestimate the dual power of line and imagination though!

Thank you very much, and hope you enjoy...




Favourite genre of music: Alternating b/w Metal Music and AsianPop/Rock
Favourite photographer: Kirawinter, ParenthesisX, LittleFlair, and many others... :star:
Operating System: Windows, of course.
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: None
Skin of choice: Healthy, Smooth and Reflective

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